Nobody likes getting spam, and even fewer like getting viruses, we are providing you with the best email solution possible to go with your hosting.  This should protect your mailbox from both the spammers and other malicious emails.  Our scanners use premium spam lists to prevent false positives.  It does not mean that you will never get spam, just the chances of it are much, much lower.  

Any email that is possibly spam will be prefixed with the subject "Possible Spam: ", this helps you identify and even filter them into another folder away from your inbox, so you only need to look at them when you absolutely have to.

If a virus was to arrive destined for you, the virus will be removed from the email and the email will be delivered with a warning stating there was a virus removed.  Subject lines for this match will be prefixed with "Virus Outbreak: ", so you can easily identify them.

We hope you enjoy your spam & virus free email accounts.

Please send us any feedback you may have!

System Administrator

Vasárnap, Július 19, 2015

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